Ways to Attach Bird feeder on Top of Post or Deck Rail

If you are among those people who love to welcome birds in their backyard or garden area and have either bought a bird feeder or made their own bird feeder, to provide all sorts of bird seeds, then you must have the knowledge about the precise method to attach the bird feeder on the top of the post or deck rail. Have you ever tried to fix a bird feeder on the top of the post or deck rail and found yourself in a mess as you really don’t have all the skills and equipment that goes for the purpose, then you need not to worry as you can do this job skillfully by using the right material and the accurate knowledge to do the job.


Ways to Attach Bird feeder on top of Post or Deck Rail

It’s a fact that when you buy a bird feeder or create your own bird feeder, then the next cumbersome job is that of attaching it on the deck, post or a pole. In all these cases, you need to know about the accurate method of attaching the bird feeder to the post or deck rail. So, let’s take a look at the Ways to Attach Bird feeder on top of Post or Deck Rail.

1. Things You Need to do the Job of Attaching a Bird feeder on Top of Post

First of all, it’s important to understand the pre-requisites that you need to attach the bird feeder on the top of the post and this list includes the cedar wood block with 2 inch thickness, two pieces of wooden blocks with thickness of 1 inch, 2-4 inch measuring hose clamps which should be adjustable and pre-mounted and a good number of screws which would help to attach the wooden planks on the bottom of the bird feeder placed on the top of the post. So, once you have got all the required things, the next step is to use these blocks to attach the bird feeder.

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2. The Method of Attaching Bird feeder on the Top of Post

First, take up the 1 inch wooden block, which is already attached to 2 inches wooden block, which is used to attach it to the bottom of the bird feeder on top of the post with the help of 1 ½ inch screws. The hose clamps make sure to attach the bird feeder to the post with complete strength and that’s where the adjustable quality of these clamps comes to use. Then you need to remove the 2 hose clamps and make use of 3 inch deck screws to get through the pre-drilled holes in the 2 inch cedar wood block and straightly in the post and the 1 inch block is required to hide the hose clamps. But, make sure that the 4*4 pole is being utilized for attaching the bird feeder on the top of the pole.The best bird feeder reviews are available at Bird Feeder Guide website.

3. Things You Need to Have to Attach the Bird feeder to a Deck Rail

For attaching a bird feeder on a deck rail, you need to know that your basic requirement consists of a wooden pine log that should be 32 inches in length and 3-4 inches in diameter, a wooden block which needs to be 2 inches thick that is pre-attached to each end and 3 inch deck screws with 8 pieces. The 4 pieces would be required to fix one end of a pine log to the bird feeder and the other 4 pieces to attach to the other end of a pine log to a deck rail or a post.

4. How to Attach the Bird feeder to a Deck Rail

Start with the log which is having wooden blocks pre- attached to it on both ends. The next step is to fix them up with the help of 8 screws, as 4 screws on each end would help to attach the log with pre attached wooden planks to the bird feeder on one side and to the deck rail on the other side. This would enable you to attach your bird feeder on the deck rail or post.

Therefore, by going through the above discussed Ways to Attach Bird feeder on Top of Post or Deck Rail enable you to figure out the method of doing the job skillfully. So, all you need is to have the basic things that you require to attach the bird feeder either at the top of a post or deck rail and a bit of skilled knowledge that enables you to do it perfectly and to invite your lovely little friends to your backyard or garden area to enjoy this amazing pleasure of the nature.

Health Benefits Of Popcorn

Popcorn is a very sweet, crunchy and delicious snack. Almost every person prefers eating this wonderful snack. People mostly enjoy the popcorn while watching movies in theatres or during the Lohri festival. However the popcorn is not limited to its taste, but also, there are many health benefits of eating popcorn. Popcorn is a type of corn containing many fibres, compounds and antioxidants. Due to the presence of all these materials, the popcorn is considered as a healthy snack. Air popping is a great way to prepare popcorn as it does not use much oil which can add to the fat content of this snack. That is why air popped popcorn is the most preferred type of popcorn all over the world.


Health Benefits Of popcorn

The popping corn is derived from the huge content of polyphenolic compounds, vitamins, antioxidants and fibres. Along with this, popcorn also has some magnesium and manganese content. These all materials help in controlling cholesterol levels, blood sugar and make popcorn a health snack. Let us have a look at some of the health benefits of popcorn:-

  1. Digestion – Like cereals, rice and bread, the popcorn is also a whole grain. The whole grain is defined as a nutrient that contains three vital parts such as endosperm, bran and germ. The higher fiber and the mineral content from the ban help in very smooth and quick digestion. Also, many digestive juices are secreted because of this fiber and help in keeping the complete digestive system healthy. Moreover, this amazing whole grain helps in avoiding the several constipation problems. Therefore, it is very important to know that the crunchy and delicious popcorn is also a whole grain and provide various benefits related to digestion.
  2. Cholesterol Levels – Most of the person today face the common problem of controlling the high cholesterol levels of their body. The fantastic fibre content of the popcorn also helps in removing the excessive cholesterol from the blood vessels such as arteries, veins and capillaries. After the removal of high cholesterol levels, a person is also prevented from various cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. Moreover, the cardiac system functions much better as the blood can be passed easily through blood vessels having very fewer cholesterols.
  3. Blood Sugar – Popcorn is a recommended snack for diabetic patients as it helps in better functioning of the important hormone Insulin. The fibre present in popcorn regulates and maintains the blood sugar and insulin levels get improved. So, a person can maintain the sugar level of his/her body and prevents himself/herself from diseases such as hyperglycemia or hypoglycaemia because of this whole grain.
  4. Cancer Prevention – It is an amazing thing that the popcorn contains the very large amount of antioxidant capacity. There are an immense number of polyphenolic compounds that can be found in the popcorn. These antioxidants search and eliminate the free radicals that arise during metabolism. These free radicals are dangerous byproducts that can be the variety of diseases, especially cancer. This happens as the free radicals are capable of moving the healthy cellular DNA into the cancerous cells. So, due to the presence of antioxidants in the popcorn the harmful free radicals from the body gets removed and there occur fewer risks of cancer disease.
  5. Ant-Aging – The free radicals not only cause risk of cancer but also lead to many ages related symptoms. Some common problems related to age are
  • Muscle weakness
  • Hair loss
  • Macular degeneration and blindness
  • Dementia
  • Hair Loss
  • Osteoporosis
  • Wrinkles and age spot
  • Alzheimer’s disease

The powerful antioxidants present in popcorn help in killing the free radicals and prevent from these age-related problems.


  1. Weight loss – Popcorn contains very less amount of calories and does not add much fat. The fibre content in popcorn also leads to the release of a hunger hormone, ghrelin. Due to this hormone, people can enjoy a large amount of popcorn without caring for the overeating problem. Also, the natural oil used for preparing popcorn is healthy and important for the body.


In summary, along with the sweet taste popcorn also provide many health benefits to any individual. Because of so many contents, the popcorn helps in controlling the high cholesterol levels and blood sugars. This also helps in digestion of important minerals and proteins that are necessary for the body. But to avail so many benefits from this delicious snack, you should prepare popcorn in traditional styles. Also, avoid using extra butter and many seasonings while eating this snack. You can surely reduce your cancer risks if you follow some tips before enjoying popcorn. pcorn.

How To Find Good Car Speakers In 5 Simple Steps

Finding a good car speaker depends on various types of factors and also on the different choices of an individual according to Car Speakers Experts. While making a choice, the money and size also matter but some factors are important always to make that speaker a good car speaker. These factors can be termed as sensitivity, sound quality score, frequency response, power handling and the mounting depth. Thus, we can easily find good car speakers by following some simple steps.

car speakers

5 Simple Steps To Find Good Car Speakers

  1. Make A definite Choice – The first simple step is to make a definite choice as to choose which car sjbl 6x9 car speakers model gto937peaker from a vast number of speakers. As there is a big competition between the component and coaxial speakers, this decision becomes a difficult one. The component speakers can provide better sound, but they are costly. The coaxial speakers are full range speakers and are easier to install in comparison to other speakers. Thus, according to the need whether we want good sound quality, or we want the speakers that can be installed easily and provide full range we can choose the car speakers. Entire information is provided regarding the best car speakers at Car Speakers Experts.
  2. Configuration And Size Of The Current Car speakers – Second step is to know the size and the configuration of the speakers that currently installed in the car. By having this information, it is easy for us to replace the entire speaker system if we want. If we make a model that contains different measurements of the electronics installed in the speaker system and also has the year of manufacture of the car it becomes a very easy thing for us to choose the speakers suitable for our car. Also, there would be no wastage of money if we have made a mistake of buying components which are unable to be installed on the car speaker system. Checkout this Boss Audio Systems Speaker
  3. Peak Power Handling – To make a car speaker a good speaker, it must be able to provide a very good and continuous power handling rating. It means the speaker can maintain a high volume level on a continuous basis without experiencing any distortions or damage. Power handling rating is measured in RMS, i.e.; root means square. The more is the power handling power, more efficient is the performance of the car speaker. The speakers handle more amount of power by using amplifiers or the head unit. Thus, choosing a proper head unit also becomes a step that can result in highest handling power rating.
  4. Sensitivity And The Impedance level – Another major factor that is of great concern and is very important for choosing a good car speaker is sensitivity. The term sensitivity refers to the amount of power a car speaker need so that it can play at a definite volume level. The speakers that have the high level of sensitivity require less power. The impedance of a speaker must be low always so that a speaker can deliver a very high-quality music. Thus high sensitivity and low impedance are the need of the car speakers that can make them good car speakers.
  5. The Material Surrounding The Speakers – The surrounding material also makes a car speaker a good or a bad car speaker. If the speakers are durable and work consistently well for the longer period they are termed as good. But if the speakers are constructed by using a low-quality material then it is obvious that they will degrade with time. It is a thing that leads to upgrading of the speakers. While making a choice for the speakers, always look for the materials such as
  • Rubber that usually last longer and provide good sound quality.
  • Cloth and foam material that is better than foam and paper material.
  • Metal- coated fabrics that are light weight and provide the bass response.
  • Harder materials like metal or ceramic or materials like polyblend.

car speakers


It is a very tiresome task of finding good car speakers. There is always a trade-off between different factors that makes difficult to select better speakers. But some factors such as sensitivity, frequency response, size and configuration are always the important aspects of deciding a car speaker as a good speaker. Thus, we can follow some simple steps to find good car speakers.

Vacuum Maintenance: How to Change a Vacuum Bag

It is certainly undoubtful that vacuum cleaner is one of the most prized possessions of every household, as it enables you to clean your entire house with ease. In fact, the importance of vacuum cleaners enhance to a considerable extent during the holiday seasons when you need to clean your home and there are piles of dirt, dust, and cobwebs to clean. But, it’s imperative to understand that your vacuum cleaner also needs good care as if you are negligent in terms of not taking proper care of your vacuum cleaner, then this can result in the decline of its efficiency and you may end up damaging your great help. So, there is a need to be careful about the vacuum maintenance as you should know about  how to change a vacuum bag.


How to Change a Vacuum Bag

Like every machine in your home, there is a need to maintain your vacuum cleaner as it would help to retain its efficiency and maximize its life. For this purpose, all you need to do is to have a complete knowledge of cleaning the vacuum bag, which would enable you to improve the working and life of your vacuum cleaner. So, let’s take a look at Vacuum Maintenance: How to Change a Vacuum Bag.

1. Know The Basics of Removing Dirt from Your Vacuum Cleaner Bag

It’s really significant to understand that your vacuum cleaner needs a regular cleaning as it helps to enhance its working efficiency. You can look up for the smooth functioning of your vacuum cleaner by just running it for 30 seconds to make sure that any kind of dirt that it has gathered is accumulated in the vacuum bag and then you need to plug it off. This would ensure that the entire dirt is gathered in the vacuum bag and then you can remove the bag to clean all the dust that it has accumulated.

2. How to Use the Disposable Bags of a Vacuum Cleaner with Care

It’s important to know that your vacuum bag plays a crucial role in gathering the dirt and dust and you need to be extra careful about how to use these bags. It is always advised to use a duct tape at the point where you tie the disposable bag with the vacuum cleaner hole. All you need to know is that you should use the fresh bag and remove the half filled bag and avoid reusing the old bag as it can hamper the working of your vacuum bag.


3. How to Take Care of Your Vacuum Cleaner with Reusable Bags

There is the availability of vacuum cleaners which come with the reusable bags and bins that enable you to clean the bag easily, as the vacuum cleaner pop out the bag or the dustbin easily. So, what you have to do is to take your vacuum cleaner outside and clean the reusable vacuum bag or the bin with warm water or you can also wash the vacuum bag in your washing machine and air dry it to reuse it. Vacuum cleaning is very easy if you have a reusable bag and you can clean it every time. Reading about the best vacuum cleaners reviews you will come to know exactly what type of vacuum cleaners should be used and what should be its specifications. The one vacuum cleaner which I will recommend is Black & Decker CHV1510 DustBuster 15.6-Volt Cordless Vacuum, you can read this in detail and make a choice of buying it.

4. The Process of Changing Your Vacuum Bag

It’s required to change the vacuum bag when it’s filled with dust as you need to maximize its efficiency for many more years to come. For this you need to know the entire process of changing your vacuum bag. For this first of all, you need to unzip the bag, then pull the lever to the left and take hold of the bag, then you need to pull the lever to the right and attach the bag and use it. Make sure that you precisely change your vacuum bag and try to avoid any sort of carelessness while changing it, as it can affect the working of your vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, it’s imperative to know the basics of Vacuum Maintenance: How to Change a Vacuum Bag, as the vacuum bag acts as a kind of filter, which gathers all the dust, dirt and cobwebs. So, once it’s filled, you need to remove it and change the vacuum bag, if it’s a disposable bag and clean the dirt and wash it and use it again, if it’s a reusable bag or bin. Thus make sure that you need to clean your vacuum bag twice a year and if you have children at home and if you need to manage lots of dust in your home, then clean your vacuum bag on the regular intervals. This would help to improve the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner and you can enjoy its services for a long run.