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Blog posting is big on this site too, and you can write as many posts as you like, following and commenting on messages that other members post. Brainiac Dating has members around the world, but the site is particularly popular in North America. If that type of dating environment sounds intriguing, Brainiac Dating may be for you. In fact, you can upload poems and store poems you enjoy, sharing them with your favorite members as a way to get chats going.

Over the years, Brainiac Dating has facilitated thousands of connections between singles from all walks of life. As the site grows in membership, it may pick up some fake profiles made by people with less than honorable intentions. The couple wrote to Brainiac Dating to announce they were engaged to be married and to thank the team for making their romance possible.

Brainiac (Vril Dox)

He has also managed to designed various methods of time travel to enable the team to travel to the 20th and 21st centuries. Sincethis global dating platform has helped brainiacs meet one another using targeted search tools. Once it launched, Lawrence joined his own dating site and started using it to search for an intellectually stimulating relationship.

Finding members and sorting them is simple. This is a dating site for people who wish to meet members who are smarter than your average bear. So anyone can join. This is really great to see because it means you can find intellectual dates without having to pay anything.

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Brainiac Dating offers something a little different. Vril later has a son, named Lyrl Dox; aka Brainiac 3. Brainiac also has a descendent in the 30th and 31st centuries named Querl Dox; aka Brainiac 5, who worked with the Legion of Super Heroes to atone for his great-great-grandfather's misdeeds. So sometimes singles have to wade through inactive or inauthentic profiles to get to the good ones.

In the Batcave RaidsBrainiac has located and infiltrated the Batcave in order to obtain Earth's knowledge through the Batcomputer. Edit Brainiac is the primary antagonist responsible for the events leading up to the influx of Future Lex Luthor's exobytes upon the world's inhabitants.

This brainy programmer ended up meeting his future wife at a Brainiac Dating event that he had organized for local members. The site reviews all new profiles and approves them to be posted on the site within 24 hours of creation.

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Heroes and villains will travel to the island to aid Wonder Woman and Circe in defeating Brainiac's newest Avatar. Click on the button below to check out BrainiacDating. In OctoberLawrence Chernin created a dating site for exceptionally brainy people, which he appropriately called Brainiac Dating because he wanted to empower intelligent daters to find one another.

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Catching the planet unaware, Brainiac manages to encase a large majority of Metropolis and Gotham City in energy fields in preparation for digitisation. Over the last decade, the site has grown by word of mouth and welcomed singles of all kinds.

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Members can upload up to 15 photos, and we were pleased to find that many members had provided decent snaps. Profiles are a little brief compared with some, but that makes signing up all the quicker. You can perform a basic or advanced search, as well as being able to tag members, find out who has viewed you and create a hot list.

One of those is that it no longer seems to offer video options. Players will fight Brainiac's Avatar of Techwhich is the embodiment of what he's learned of Earth's technology, before fighting a robotic drone of Brainiac himself. A few extra features suited to the brainy members include trivia, IQ tests, quizzes and more. Fortunately, Lawrence has taken a proactive approach to policing Brainiac Dating to give his members peace of mind.

Superman and Luthor are forced to team up in order to prevent Brainiac from acquiring the crystals and players will have to eventually fight his Avatar of Metamade from the sunstones. Brainiac Dating serves its eclectic community of singles with an abundance of search tools, an in-depth profile, and member blog sections to allow individuals to explore the dating scene at their own pace.

This niche online community currently includes over 44, members worldwide and fosters deep connections by encouraging smart people to share their interests and passions. Since becoming free, the site seems to have made a few changes.

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The dating site does not allow online harassment or spamming to take place on the site. While as cold-hearted and manipulative as his "father", Brainiac 2 freed his home planet from the ruling dictators and became the founder and long-time leader of the interstellar police organization known as L.

You can include extra information if you wish, which can also be used to help find matches based on your personal preferences. Sapiosexuals are attracted to big brains, not big muscles, and they value intellectual compatibility just as much as physical chemistry. Intellectually curious individuals can seek out new relationships on BrainiacDating.

The site is continually growing, learning, and improving alongside its members.

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They can also set general filters regarding age or education that will keep undesirable date prospects from sending them messages. In the Themyscira RaidBrainiac has taken a source of magic called the Flame of Change and has built an Avatar of Magic around it, using the Flame's power to strengthen his troops. Again, this allows you to meet people you might not otherwise have spoken to, allowing your relationship to flourish based on mutual interests rather than simply looking at a sparse profile page.

Singles looking for a robust conversation often feel dissatisfied by superficial swiping tools and pricey chat features, so they turn to niche dating sites like BrainiacDating. Since its launch, the niche dating site has built a membership base of over 44, brainiac online dating and women from all walks of life.

The badges recognize new members, members who have recommended the site to their friends, and members who have earned high scores in the Brainiac Trivia Challenge or Master Theorem Puzzles, two addictive online games offered on the site. He wants every profile posted on his site to reflect a real person looking for a real relationship. Unable to stop him, the Justice League turns to the new exobyte-empowered heroes to turn the tide.

He intended to build something that would work for smart singles, and he hoped it would work for him as well. Brainiac Dating is a quality dating site for anyone who enjoys the intellectual side of life.

In The Prime Battleground raid, heroes and villains will have their final confrontation with Brainiac as he unleashes his Prime Avatars onto the world.