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They are widely considered to be the most beautiful in South East Asia, which is high praise indeed. Viet girls as I have said are quite formal and it is not uncommon for a first date to be having morning coffee together.

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And the Vietnamese girls love to pop in and have a chat to their girlfriends. Viet girls differ a lot.

Welcome to the Ambridge Table Tennis Club at the Melody Ballroom!

Beautiful, smart with great personalities and also smart. A good tip is write your name, phone number and hotel on a few scraps of paper and take them out with you.

The streets In the late afternoon and early evening Saigon has a lively street scene where pavement stalls are set up everywhere and hot food, drinks and souvenirs are available. What are the best night clubs to meet girls in Beijing? They are very friendly, this may change a little if you are trying to form a relationship.

Just like its name, people here come from variable countries. Huaqingjiayuan, Haidian, Beijing Open Time: Its fast-paced house music makes people always want to dance.

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Saigon is the business epicenter and more wesern. This is an enchanting corner of the world and the beautiful Vietnamese girls are a big part of the attraction.

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The club has luxury VIP rooms, attractive booth and dozens of scattered stands, which can meet demands of different customers. It looks like a sweet dream in Suzie Wong, and everyone hopes not to be awaked anymore. MIX is divided into three halls, each hall has different characteristics. Suzie Wong is a place where both the women and the men take pride in their appearance; women and men are dressed up as witch, angel, nurse, corpse, cat girl etc.

She won;t be there!

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Viet girls are notoriously shy about being seen in public exchanging personal information, so make it easy and just slip your business card over the table discreetly. The clubs are also frequented by a lot of hookers so you need to tread carefully what chat up lines you use. Since the war, things have changed and the strict communist rule has waned a little and Vietnam has opened its doors to everyone.

Small things like taking a girl back to your room could pause a significant problem. Many other nightclubs are decorated in red while COCO presents you stylish white color everywhere, white leather sofa, a white bar, and white columns. Vietnamese girls are sexy: One lounge is for dancing and every night there are hot dance performances, the other one is for private parties. Saigon girls are more diverse and fashionable.

Vietnam has more in common with China than its South East Asia neighbors and that comment really sums up how you should approach the place. If you want to hook up with Viet girls for free, check out this article. If you're thinking about moving to Thailand and need help or advice, check out my Online Nomad Group by clicking here.

Here is a list of 10 best nightclubs for reference.

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A legacy of the French. A resident Taiwanese DJ will bring a new vibe to the club that gets the crowd really going.

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Before your visit set up three or four dates and you will be surprised that the sexy Viet girls will actually turn up. It is very hard for a westerner to get laid in Hanoi so for the purposes of this blog we will be focusing on Saigon. After work is a great time as things are a little quieter and you can practice your chat up lines easier.

Angel Club is owned by a Chinese celebrity, so guests here can always meet some famous stars and models. Be prepared as your beautiful Saigon date might just bring one or two friends with her to keep up appearances.

They are very open, almost transparent. Here dazzling lights, pounding house and hip-hop beats will give party-goers a fantastic night. Saigon has a thriving bar scene and is open till the wee small hours. The local Viet girls like to dress up and ride about on their scooters or bikes in an almost mobile fashion show. Meeting Viet girls here is easy and casual and as there is no threat of impropriety it is fairly easy to engage in conversation and set up a date for later.

Downstairs floor is the place for crazy dancing lovers. In MIX people can enjoy pure hip-hop music, brilliant lighting effects and crazy atmosphere. Another great area is Beer Street in Bui Vien Street, quite a few backpackers here but also a lot of Vietnamese women. Its fashionable decoration makes you feel like in an American style nightclub.

Unlike several other nightclubs, its layout is very international so people will be in the mood for dance.