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I have a girlfriend who I love and loves me back? Only the prostitutes and bar trash in Manila. Be very careful here, because some will try to pick your pockets. Im not too keen to push a girl into my hotel room if shes a deeply religious, poor virgin who might not even enjoy having sex w me, Im afraid to abuse the fact that shes in some kind of awe of me and therefore very submissive and god forbid even too afraid to express that she doesnt really want to.

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All the harsh criticisms of this post rest on the notion that sex is bad.

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And the fuck you talking about filipinos finding it hard to get laid for? This is where you will run into your top tier girls, in Manila there are quite a few high end clubs. I am sorry to report that in our experience the Filipinas, while very sweet, warm, nice, and affectionate, have nothing going on upstairs.

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I hope there is a special place hell reserved these worthless scumbags.

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