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She would be the dream girl of any men seeing her. It led to an active warrant out for his arrest as of April 20, Urban Belle is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sites for black celebrities, black celebrity news, urban gossip, and the rawest source for what's hot in today's black culture.

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However, contrary to her, Dollaz is no doubt of straight orientation which gets clear with his relationship Erica as well. Rich Dollaz is definitely a distinct top brass of the game, considering his lucrative music managing career and dating affairs one cannot count on the fingers. His joining the show fostered his dating desires: Val January 17, at You may also like Time with them, we will call it.

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Dollaz never knew the stop for his dating games. A post shared by Rich Dollaz richiedollaz on Nov 30, at Well, Moniece Slaughter may find a trustworthy boyfriend before her next birthday arrives.

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According to the recent reports, Moniece Slaughter and Rich Dollaz do start dating long distance seem to be having very good opinions about each other after the controversial breakup.

I realized how desperate she is to stay on the show at that point. Even though Dollaz keeps a low profile about his kids unlike his dating life, his son was seen on his Instagram not long ago. With such big scores on romance, no wonder, Rich Dollaz has—not one, not two, but—four children: Type your comment here… Submit Comment. However, no further news about how the lawsuit ended is available.

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They should have sicked Peter Gunz on those Cali girls. According to the recent reports, Moniece Slaughter and Rich Dollaz do not seem to be having very good opinions about each other after the controversial breakup.

Before Jade, he was in a relationship with ex-girlfriend, Moniece Slaughter in At mean time Jhonni Blaze is also openly said that she is not at all engaged to and part of life of Dollaz! However, the relationship ended in Moniece Slaughter says she wasn't very comfortable with Rich Dollaz Moniece Slaughter is beautiful, tall and very curvaceous. You got that good good?

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IJS March 30, at 3: I don't know what's real for Rich, but I know what I think, is that initially it was not real to him, and I think that he was using me, and I think that somewhere along the lines his feelings did become real.

Besides his works as a manager, he is also known for his vast connections in the music industry.

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If you closely look at what Moniece said, it looks like Rich really loved her as they were getting along in the relationship. Rich Dollaz is a dreamboat of many. He has worked on building the career of many artists including Young Doc and Cheri Dennis.

Dec 1, at 6: She filed a lawsuit against Dollaz for owing her some serious cash in child support he ignored to pay: Soon, inrumors about his involvement with Jhonni Blaze, another participant of the show, started floating in. Sometimes, she even goes to outings. According to latest updates Rich Dollaz decide for split up; the reason of this break off is also revealed.

His recent Instagram post with Erica Mena maybe a hint of reconciliation with the ex. Why don't you hurry then?

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There is no denying that Dollaz is the king of hearts—both his dating life and fan base vouch for that. Solomon was out there like Kevin Hart uncle probably.

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In fact, she is more relieved. Whereas Rich is on his way to Atlanta. As for his another son, Dollaz has been low profile and has managed to flow the secrecy all along.

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We both were so tickled. Known for his high-profile relationships with women, he has left no space for the rumors of being gay. It seems Rich is seriously dating Lil Fizz's baby mama, because he has never publicly acknowledged a relationship. The company is well known for representing musicians, models, media personalities, actors, and authors. Though the duo has not provided much information about their breakup, it is speculated that the couple has already separated.

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At least, he started loving her at the end. The lady seems to enjoy her life with the new girlfriend, and she even revealed herself to be bisexual in the same conversation. There is not much information about his parents' name and educational background.

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New York, with him. He was only Dating her for Fame? He was never a music mogul to start with, nor did he hail from a family with extensive connections in the industry.