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If you have the original coil or a stock replacement coil you will need to run a ballast resistor.

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When the starter is cranking the engine, the ballast resistor is bypassed by a contact in the starter solenoid, thereby allowing full voltage to the coil. Used GE Ultramax ballasts.

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Are you planning to replace them proactively now or over time as either bulbs or ballasts wear out? What should the voltage be at the start capacitor on a watt high bay light with supply?

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When you hook up your system, check whether the distributor requires a ballast resistor. Did you check eBay?


Symptom - Car starts but immediately dies when you release the key. Ballast hook up This ballast applies power to the filaments first, it allows the cathodes to preheat and then applies voltage to the no to strike an arc.

Farmall resistor on coil installation, need info how to wire it

To avoid this problem, a ballast resistor was inserted in series with the ignition system, resulting in two different operating voltages for the starting and ignition systems.

If there is power at the switch, check the multi-connectors between the dash harness and the front harness. Look at the ballast, there should be numbers listed on each wire.

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In this picture, the two yellow are NOT connected to the single yellow on the left hand side: If there is no power there, replace the switch. In this situation the fixture would be retrofitted for non-shunted T8 LED tubes upon the completion of these steps.

I have a w HID fixture with multi tap voltage. I have hid ballast hook up caa mogul lampholder its a 4kv vw is it capable to be wired straight to a circuit without a capacitor?

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Thanks for all the help Table Rocker Not all ignitors or starters are capable of remote operation. Can anyone post a picture of yours or tell me what hooks up to it.

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That is important to maximize tube life. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. But now I know I can just upgrade the bulbs n ballast, thanks.

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Sorry can not take a picture right now boat is in garage with tower down hence can't open up engine box. The old ballast probably had the black to one lamp and white to one lamp, is this correct? Most kits today will use an electronic distributor, and many use a multi-spark unit such as the MSD.