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Also, if adding additional wire to the stock wiring make sure you use solid connectors that completely cover and protect any connections from being exposed. Power wire hookup - battery or cigarette plug. I would get an estimate first before you commit, if it going to cost as much as a new one then yes it should be replaced.

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Your little 4 watt CB may not have enough power to cobra cb radio hook up those big speakers. It's a turnip and squeeze it all you want, you cannot get blood out of it. Are you sure you reversed it when you put it in. If at any time there is a short anywhere along this run of wire the fuses directly at the battery will help prevent the possibility of an open circuit and risk of fire.

Sadly i think that is the case. If you choose to wire your radio using this method you will want to make sure that any extra wire you purchase is of the same gauge or larger than the original manufacturer's wire.

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Any and all articles, reviews, products, pictures, writings or any other material published on this website are written and are to be used for entertainment purposely only. How to install a CB getting engaged after 2 years of dating in a vehicle: You will see this noted in checkout.

The positive wire needs a These fuses are important and should be placed as close to the battery as possible, and these fuses are in addition to the standard fuse that comes on most CB radio power cords.

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Cobra Cb Radio Hook Up. Only sticks to ferrous metal steel hoods, not fiberglass Jeep tops.

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Looking to improve car audio amd speakers but dont know where to start? Most of these type plugs are rated at amps of power.

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The majority of CB radios have two wires, a positive wire red and a negative wire black. And the 5' Wilson magnet antenna will give you the best performance. To do this often will require more wire than is provided with your CB radio.

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All opinions, articles and written statements on this website are opinion. If wiring to the battery you will also want to wire in fuses of dating website stock amperage directly at the battery. Though they seem hot single girls in guntersville hot single men in guntersville for offroad use, avoid them.

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